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Here's what my customer's think about

Crow River Custom Rods

Dan A. aka, DeadeyeDan.

Litchfield, MN

Caught these nice walleye today on the new custom rod from crow river custom rods that my kids got me for Christmas thanks...this rod got a workout today!!! I really like the wild colors and the personalized deadeye on it!! 

Dan Anderson Nice Walleye.JPG

First walleye on his new Ice Rod

Dan Anderson 27inch Walleye.JPG

27" walleye to end the day!

Briana P.

Golden Valley, Minnesota

When you mostly go for northern pike, you want a solid sturdy rod that can withstand casting big heavy lures. I could never comfortably cast those heavy lures with the rods that I had without being a little wary.  When Sam brought up the idea of purchasing customized rods from you, so many ideas came to mind on creating the perfect rod that I’ve been wanting/looking for.


When we received the rods, by just the look of them, they were everything we could have asked for.  Sam’s rod is amazing, and perfect for him, but I gotta say, you really hit it out of the park on mine.

The first cast up at Zippel Bay was AMAZING. I had a huge spinner lure on, and casting was an absolute breeze. The long handle made it easy to cast, the grip is extremely comfortable, and the handle sits in a perfect spot underneath my arm when reeling in. Casting over and over again tends to put a lot of stress on my shoulder, but with the handle sitting underneath my arm, it took a lot of that stress away, which I was extremely thankful for.


And just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I landed my first fish with the new rod. And that first fish happened to be the biggest fish I have ever landed. The rod handled the fish phenomenally, the bend of the rod was perfect and the handle underneath my arm really gave an entire new aspect to how I handled the fish (I actually felt like I was in control of the fish, not the other way around). I believe Sam sent you the photo, 40 inch northern pike!! I won’t ever forget that day, and thanks to you, I finally had the rod that I had been looking for.


Thank you so much for your excellent craftsmanship, you do exceptional work.


So, cheers to you and cheers to many more fish being caught with Red (that’s what I named my rod, Red)!

Briana's personal best - 40" Pike

Charles' Largemouth Bass

Charles H.

Ann Arbor, Michigan

"I meant to shoot you a text when it came in.  No damage thankfully, plus I was able to test it out - caught a nice 3.5# bass!... It is an excellent rod!  Very sensitive, and extremely comfortable for bottom baits with the tip-up balance.  Thanks a ton for the work you put into it!"

First fish - 3.5# Bass

Steve R.

Bloomington, Indiana


"Rod is terrific a real work of art. The poor gray rod looks rather bleak beside the new rod. I think the colors were perfect and your wrap is out of this world. Great workmanship. Anxious to try it out."

Verlyn L.

Hutchinson, Minnesota

"I like the rod very much.  I was able to cast into the wind well even with only a 1/16 oz. jig.....The new rod is definitely my best rod for using the 1/16 oz. jig."

Derek R.

New Market, Alabama

"Absolutely love the sensitivity. I felt every "thump". Casts super smooth. Light as needed but strong and durable setting the hook. Very well balanced. Let a buddy of mine cast it a few times. We both have "good" quality store bought rods. But they don't compare to the Crow River Custom... Would love to buy a sticker, cap or shirt if you have any for sale too. Like to advertise for quality products when I can. I will try and get you another customer if I can."

Derek's First Catch with a Crow River Custom Rod

First day using the new crappie slayer

Matt E.

Ramsey, Minnesota

"Can't wait to hit the water with the new Crow River Custom Rod Chet Kiekhafer hand made for me. These rods have unreal balance and feel. They have an awesome fast action tip which is something most rods don't have. Get yours today, you won't find a nicer rod. Thanks Chet!"

Matt proudly displaying his Crow River Custom Rod's Decal
Matt shoing off hist Crow River Custom Rod

Mike W.

Litchfield, Minnesota

"Chet, Thanks again. The Rod is a work of art. I can't wait to set the hook on the first walleye!"

Mike with a nice 21" Largemouth Bass
Mike proudly displaying his first walleye with his Crow River Custom Rod

"Smooth casting, loads up fast.  Solid hook sets!  Very good feel!  The rod is perfect.  My favorite already!"

21" Largemouth Bass

Dan & Mary Ann G.

De Pere, Wisconsin

"Chet's attention to every detail, commitment to his customers and his knowledge of fishing in general are the things that drew us to him in the first place.  We are more than pleased with all 3 of our rods and believe they were priced fairly and put together with the utmost care."

John A.

Inver Grove Heights, Minnesota

"The craftsmanship and the customer service was outstanding.  I very much appreciate the extra time and effort to detail you spent on getting the correct thread colors to match the UMD Bulldogs colors.   My son was very impressed with the quality and pleased with his fishing rod graduation gift......Thank you Chet and keep up the great work!"

Ken M.

Glencoe, Minnesota

"Chester builds a great rod with an amazing amount of detail.  My Crow River Custom Rod quickly became my favorite rod in the boat.  Chester is also great at making repairs to existing rods."

Vickie K.

Hutchinson, Minnesota

"Thank you for making me a medium heavy casting rod before I went to Rainy Lake. The thread colors turned out great and so did my wrap. My rod casts easily and I enjoyed using it almost everyday for three weeks. Thanks again for a beautiful rod."

Keith K.

Hutchinson, Minnesota

"My custom pan fishing rod is a work of art! The craftsmanship and precision detail are amazing. In addition to looking great, the casting distance and feel is better than what I have used in the past."



Steve C.

Woodbury, Minnesota

"We gave Zach his rod a couple of weeks ago now, and his eyes really lit up when he saw what he had gotten. He is very anxious to start using it."

Grandkids - "What more can I say about this."

Jim proudly displaying Jonathan's first walleye - 18"er!
Zack with a catch-of-a-life time, 27" walleye
Luke with a very nice 37" Northern Pike

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