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Custom Made - Hand Crafted - Fishing Rods

"Creating a Fishing Experience One Rod at a Time!"

Crow River Custom Rods are hand-crafted top of the line custom fishing rods for the individual looking for that extra edge.  At Crow River Custom Fishing Rods we incorporate some of the highest-quality components available! We first start with quality blanks from St. Croix, Batson and others if necessary and are designed to maximize durability, enhance performance while increasing sensitivity!

Burl cork grip withpadauk and maple wood inlays

Burl Cork Grip with Padauk and Maple Wood Inlays

Equal Angle guide placement

Crow River Custom Rods are built to maximize its performance by finding the spine or natural flex created during the manufacturing process.  Building with the spine in mind, the rod’s characteristics can be enhanced to achieve the highest level of accuracy.  Determining the proper guide spacing is a multiple step process the is theoretical followed by actual test casting! 

Initial Guide Placement

Photo courtesy of Crow River Press

Best-in-Class components from some of the largest suppliers are used in building your Crow River Custom Rod.  This starts with the guides sourced from ALPS and Fuji using the best materials and latest technology possible.  What does this mean – with proper choice of guides a marked improvement in casting distance and accuracy can be achieved when incorporated into the rod’s design. 

Batson Y-guide

Guide Wrapping

Acrylic butt and fore grip with yellowhart rear grip and RPD double nut reel seat

Acrylic Butt and Fore Grips with Yellowhart Rear Grip and Double Nut Reel Seat

A custom rod is first a hand-crafted functional fishing tool to enhance your fishing opportunities and can also be very visual and pleasing to the eye.  Cork of distinct types and designs can be used to create a one-of-a-kind handle.  Highly grained wood and acrylics can add a touch of beauty that will be outstanding and truly a masterpiece.  Decorative thread wrappings can set the custom rod apart from being a functional fishing instrument to “wall hanging” decoration.

Decorative butt wrap - shaded 4 point start

Shaded 4-Point Star

Decorative butt wrap - US flag

U.S. Flag

It is true that a “plain” fishing rod will catch as many fish as one made into a “wall hanger” provided they are first functionally made correct.  It certainly is much more enjoyable to admire a wall hanger if the fishing does slow down.

Each custom rod will have your name inscribed along with the rod specifications and a unique serial number for traceability purposes.  The rod is delivered with a flexible sleeve and an attached ID tag.

Inscription with Rod Specifications and Serial Number

Inscription with Rod Specifications and Serial Number

So whether you’re looking for spinning, casting, trolling, fly rod, ice rod, musky, walleye, northern pike, bass, salmon or panfish rod Crow River Custom Rods can help you. 

“Create a Fishing Experience One Rod at a Time!”

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Flor grade cork split grip, decorative wrapping and acrylic reel seat insert

Flor Grade Cork Split Grip

Decorative Wrapping

Acrylic Reel Seat Insert

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 Hand-Crafted Custom Fishing Rods

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